West Section

The West Section, so-called because it covers the west side of the zoo, looks after the carnivores, large hoofstock and bears. 

The team includes, Emma, Jayne, Emma, Maisie, Jen, Fay and ??.

They get to work up close with Rumbull and Rumba our Rhinos, Genny, Kito and Gilbert, our Giraffes, Rasu and Madidi, the Bears, Masai and Arusha the Lions, and their cubs Kojo and Tau, the Tapirs, Toby and Tara, our flock of Ostrich and herd of zebras, and all our Capybara, Mara, and Oliver the Anteater, who live in our Viva South America enclosure. They also work with the African Pygmy Goats, the Alpacas, and the free-roaming Guinea Fowl.  

Through West Sections' hard work, we have been able to help conservation efforts for giraffe and rhinos in the wild by raising awareness and funds for “Helping Rhinos” and the “Giraffe Conservation Foundation”.

You can be a Keeper on the West Section by doing a Big Cat Experience or a Big Zoo Experience? 

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