International Tiger Day

This year we’re doing something a bit different for International Tiger Day! On Saturday 29th July we’re inviting you to earn your stripes in our Tiger Fancy Dress Competition. From animal ears to full on tiger onesies, whether you’re a Tony or a Tigger - visit our zoo on 29th dressed as a Tiger. The competition will be judged at 2.30pm at the Big Cat Sanctuary and the coolest cat will win a Tiger Adoption. Fancy dress accessories can include but are not limited to:

  • Animal Ears
  • Tiger Print
  • Tails
  • Tiger Face Paint
  • Tiger Onesies

Get up close and personal with Khan and Tiana during our special Tiger talk. We will also be hosting some fabulous feline fundraising activities across the Zoo including tasty tiger treats, crafts, bracelets, hook a duck and more which will go towards the Tiger Awareness Charity. 

Tiger Awareness charity

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